Ron DeSantis can’t get out ahead of what’s coming for him

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It’s about to start. The war of the two most hated men on the planet. That would be Donald Trump (soon to be indicted, insurrection party, Hell) and Governor Ron DeDeSantis (soon to be revealed, insurrection party, sadly — Florida.) These two men are about to embark on the battle of the dunces. But there can only be one winner — or, in this case — two losers.

Here’s what is happening. Conservative columnist Matt Lewis has reportedly pleaded with the Floridian book banner that if he is SERIOUS about running for president, there is something he needs to do. And that something is — disclosure. Disclosure of anything and everything in his past that could be weaponized and used against him. Disclosure of secrets, small and large.

The columnist said DeSantis must be prepared for war and that anything in his past of a questionable nature might be used by Donald trump “as a cudgel against him.” So it is up to Ron, Lewis said, to beat trump at his own game and disclose first. I can’t stop laughing. This will not end well for either “human.”

First, let’s take a look at DeSantis. Is there anybody reading this who DOESN’T think the man has secrets? Of course, he does. The man is likely plastered in them. Friends and readers, there are some people who we can just look at and think, “This person has secrets. This person has a past.” It is my opinion that Ron DeSantis is one of those people.

And if his secrets are of the embarrassing variety, DeSantis won’t reveal them. All republicans make the same mistake. They suffer from the same problem. That problem is believing they’re smarter than everybody else.

In reality, they’re likely more stupid than anyone else. Look — it is NOT just trump. Reporters will be ON this guy. Any dirty little secrets, any baggage, will be found, dragged out, and talked about with glee. But DeSantis loathes — well — people. He has a disdainful air about him and would never admit he made a mistake about anything. He’s like Donald Trump in that way.

And you’d better believe if trump is going down (and he is), he will be VERY pleased to take DeSantis down with him, as will the press. As will the hundred or so OTHER Republican candidates peering into that closet of secrets and gleefully emptying it. So yes, this is going to be an epic battle. I look forward to it. I look forward to both these awful and vulgar men losing the presidency.

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