Donald Trump goes nuts about Roger Ailes, doesn’t appear to know he’s been dead for three years

Donald Trump has begun attacking Fox News with increasing frequently of late, as the network begins to incrementally hedge its bets against him as his poll numbers continue to sink. This time Trump is very upset that Fox is allowing former DNC Chair Donna Brazile to go on the air and speak the truth. The thing is though, Trump appears to be asking a dead guy to fix it.

After whining about Brazile tonight, Donald Trump tweeted “Where are you Roger Ailes?” That question has an easy answer: he’s in the ground. Ailes died back in 2017. Trump and Ailes were supposedly friends. Yet Trump doesn’t appear to know that Ailes is dead, or his mind has regressed to the point that he no longer remembers it.

There will be those who will argue that Donald Trump meant “Where are you Roger Ailes?” in more of a figurative sense. But that’s not how it reads to us. And when you look at the overall pattern of the declining cognitive abilities evident in Trump’s recent tweets, it makes perfect sense that he thinks a dead guy is still running Fox News.

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