Robert Mueller’s big deadline

Nine days ago, Special Counsel Robert Mueller told the judge in the Paul Manafort case that he needed ten days before filing the required plea deal status update, because something was about to become public that would make the results of Manafort’s cooperation much more clear. Heading into tomorrow, that appears to leave us with only two possibilities, and they could both be rather revealing.

According to Mueller’s own filing, something big is supposed to happen by tomorrow, Sunday November 25th, in relation to Paul Manafort’s Trump-Russia cooperation. Considering who all Manafort is in position to sell out, pundits have wondered aloud if we’re about to see the arrest of anyone from Roger Stone to Donald Trump Jr to Jared Kushner, or all of the above. But whatever is supposed to happen, what if it doesn’t happen by tomorrow?

In such case, Robert Mueller would be required to update the judge about what’s going on. He could easily ask the judge for a bit more time. Considering that the judge was okay with the original ten day delay, it’s easy to see the judge giving Mueller five or ten more days, or whatever he might ask for. But Mueller would have to file something accordingly, either on Sunday night, or at the latest on Monday when the court is back in session.

The other alternative is that we see something major play out tomorrow, which would almost certainly involve indictments and arrests of major players. It’s entirely plausible that Robert Mueller has had to push back his big move against Roger Stone for a few days in order to hammer out an unexpected plea deal from Stone’s alleged co-conspirator Jerome Corsi. If Mueller is planning to bust everyone all at once, the Corsi-Stone delay could be what’s holding up whatever is coming from Manafort’s end. Stay tuned. Tomorrow could be the big day, or we could simply see more court filings on Monday.

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