New Robert Mueller filing confirms one of Donald Trump’s big fish is getting arrested in the next ten days

And here we go. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Paul Manafort were supposed to jointly file a status update today which would explain how their cooperation agreement was going, and how much more time might be needed before Manafort is ready for sentencing. Instead of filing the status update, they jointly asked the judge to give them ten more days before filing the update. There is no overstating how big of a development this is.

Mueller and Manafort could have simply filed a status update saying that they need X number of additional months before sentencing, and that would be that. Instead, Mueller is essentially telling the judge that within the next ten days, he’ll be able to give the judge a crucial piece of information about Manafort’s cooperation. There is only one reasonable interpretation of this: Mueller is less than ten day away from indicting and arresting someone whom Manafort has sold out.

So who is it? On the one hand, Paul Manafort has shady past business dealings with Roger Stone, so this could simply signal Stone’s long-inevitable arrest. On the other hand, Manafort was in the fateful Trump Tower – Russia meeting with Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner. So we really could be looking at Mueller popping Trump Jr, and perhaps his brother in law, in the hope of gaining the upper hand over Donald Trump. It would be a dramatically aggressive move, but then again, Mueller has long been known for his aggression.

One thing to keep in mind: Robert Mueller also likes surprises. For all we know, he may have asked for a ten day delay, just so he can turn around and make the big arrest in just a day or two. We don’t quite know what we’re looking at here, but it’s unmistakably big – and it’s coming rather soon. Buckle up.