Robert Mueller’s screw-up with the Michael Flynn case just keeps looking worse

Yet another way in which Robert Mueller blew it: Michael Flynn didn’t just lie to the FBI. He stood accused of being an unregistered foreign agent, violating the Logan Act, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, and various other serious alleged crimes. Mueller agreed not to prosecute Michael Flynn for any of those serious crimes, and let him plead out on one minimal charge, in exchange for his testimony against Donald Trump. Then in the end, Mueller made no move on Trump at all. What a waste.

We still don’t have a satisfactory explanation for why Mueller came out like gangbusters in the first year of his probe, getting Flynn to flip on Trump and busting Manafort, only to spend the second year of his probe doing nothing, before ultimately giving up and going home.

We now know that Rod Rosenstein had been obstructing Mueller’s probe the entire time. But it’s not like Mueller wasn’t producing results. He started off super aggressive. Then he just sort of stopped investigating, long before Bill Barr came along at the end.

In fact, now that it’s become clear that Bill Barr is a muddling bumbler and ineffective henchman, it makes it all the more suspicious that Barr was somehow able to take Mueller down just by breathing on him. Then again, once Mueller finally was forced to testify, it became clear that he knew and understood far less about his own investigation than the average observer did. Maybe the guy really did go senile halfway through his investigation.

But when Mueller gave Flynn a nearly free pass in order to get him to flip on Trump, it was fairly clear at the time that Mueller intended to go after Trump. But in the end, Mueller couldn’t even be bothered to try subpoenaing Trump to testify in person. Now more than ever, we deserve answers about what went so horribly wrong with the Mueller probe. It allowed Trump to complete his term, and helped get more than a quarter million Americans killed.

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