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You can always count on Donald Trump to take credit for the work of others. Throughout the life of his “presidency,” he claimed the robust economy and job creation success of President Barack Obama and Vice President (now President-elect) Joe Biden. Trump has, once again, taken credit for something that has nothing whatsoever to do with him.

Trump always judged the economy by the stock market with no consideration for unemployment numbers and business shutdowns resulting from the pandemic. If the stock market was doing well, the economy was flourishing in Trump’s eyes. After all his days in hiding, Trump exited his bunker to tout the recent stock market surge. In Trump’s mind, the surge is about him.

According to New York Times, the surge is the market’s welcome party for Joe Biden, and as the Times pointed out, “what investors were really embracing was the end of uncertainty.” They believe that Biden will push for a stimulus bill, they are happy with his selection of Janet Yellen for Treasury secretary, and the various vaccines will be rolled out in a timely fashion, meaning the pandemic will finally be under control. Trump, as usual, thinks the boom is his doing. In his short press conference, he had the nerve to say: “I just want to congratulate all of the people within the administration that worked so hard.”

Please. They worked hard at creating chaos, and the market and citizens are glad to see it come to an end. Kristina Hooper, chief global market strategist for Invesco, added that “we have an enormous amount of certainty that we didn’t have just a few months ago.” Stability is everything for the markets, and the pandemic certainly left plenty of instability, not to mention that “instability” is Trump’s middle name. So, no, Trump. This is not about you—again.

God forbid Trump take responsibility for all the negative, unlawful things he did, like illegally appointing cabinet members by calling them “acting,” thereby circumventing a vote on them. He violated immigration laws that have stood since 1968 by forcing his “remain in Mexico” policy on immigrants lawfully seeking asylum in the United States. Fortunately, many of Trump’s bad policies exist under executive order. That means that President Biden should be able to sign them away as easily as Trump signed them into law.

The good news is that Trump’s nightmare is almost over. If we can somehow get through the next 50-plus days without him launching a missile strike or doing anything else harmful, we will be golden.

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