President-elect Joe Biden steps up on Thanksgiving as Donald Trump whines and pouts like a loser

– President-elect Joe Biden and incoming First Lady Dr. Jill Biden delivered his heartwarming Thanksgiving message today:

– Donald Trump is golfing today, on Thanksgiving. Might as well. He won’t be able to do that when he’s in prison. You’d think he’d be spending time with his family today, since he won’t be able to do that while in prison either. But he appears to care less about them than he does about golf.

– Here’s the message that Trump decided was appropriate today, for his final Thanksgiving in office: “There is NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!! This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION.” And this guy wonders why he lost in a blowout.

– I’m thankful to all of you who have spent these past four years fighting, winning, and surviving. I can’t think of a better group of people I’d want to stand alongside. We’re almost through this. It’ll get better. Hang in there and keep fighting the good fight. Happy Thanksgiving!

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