RNC is imploding amid battle over whether to let go of the ghost of Donald Trump

Donald Trump, coming off a multimillion vote loss, facing ongoing bad approval rating numbers, banned from social media, living in isolation, appearing to be in dire physical and cognitive health during his rare public appearances, and awaiting his inevitable criminal indictment and arrest at the hands of New York State, is obviously finished in politics. Just don’t tell that to the Republican National Committee, which is still structuring itself almost entirely as a Trump worship group.

The RNC has been afraid to move on from Trump’s ghost, for fear that Trump will begin lashing out, thus turning Trump’s remaining supporters against the Republican Party. At the same time, the Republican Party can’t function or survive as a political party when its every move is based on what it thinks will please the half-senile, half-dead, half-imprisoned clown at Mar-a-Lago.

Sure enough, the RNC is already reaching its breaking point. The Washington Post is now highlighting the internal turmoil and controversy within the group, even as the RNC continues to shovel money into Donald Trump’s pocket in order to keep him happy, and continues to ignore the fact that the overwhelmingly unpopular Trump has cost the Republicans the White House, Senate, and House, and will continue to cost the Republicans elections until he’s fully cast aside.

The true implosion point for the RNC is the notion that Donald Trump is somehow going to be a candidate for president in 2024, even though he’ll obviously be in prison long before then. How long can the RNC continue to operate based on the fantasy that Trump will be its 2024 nominee? The longer this delusion goes on, the more unprepared the Republicans will be to field candidates who are actually viable.

The Republicans bet everything on the premise that Trump could win (or steal) a second term, and that he could then dismantle our democracy such that the Republicans would never have to relinquish control. Once Trump lost, it was clear that the RNC would pay a heavy price. Sure enough, the RNC is now imploding. In one sense, the Republicans will be lucky if Trump’s arrest comes sooner rather than later, so they can try to move on.

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