Matt Gaetz has made a whole new mess for himself

And now another installment in the continuing saga of the train wreck that is the life of Congressman Matt Gaetz. Congressman Gaetz (Venmo fan-Florida) is still digging into his pathetic attacks on CNN. He is also doing something else.

The “America First” (KKK) caucus promoted by one Marjorie Taylor Greene has received so much blowback that even Greene had to step away from it. And that is a good thing. Racism may be alive and well and living in the Sedition party, but this group was too much, it seems, for even some of the Republican racists.

So, Greene dialed it back. So did many other Republicans. Only someone forgot to give Gaetz the memo. Because not only has he not backed away, Saturday he proudly tweeted, “America First!” The tweet still remains.

His actions regarding this “America First” group have been noted by many. One person who noticed was political pundit and Joe Biden Delegate Lindy Li. She tweeted this: “The only GOP Member of Congress who hasn’t yet distanced himself from the now-aborted America First Caucus: Matt Gaetz.”


So true. And Gaetz seems to be making no apologies. I do not know how he thinks this could possibly help him, but it appears that he does. His Twitter feed is filled with angry people telling him to resign. At this point, the life of Gaetz is seemingly worse than an M. Night Shyamalan horror flick. And the Congressman’s problems show no sign of lessening anytime soon.

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