Senate Republicans are crying in their soup

Earlier in the week, GOP Congressional fools – who all cry about working together and doing things across the aisle, but never actually act in that manner – came out in force against President Joe Biden’s infrastructure proposal as being too rich, and filled with things not related to infrastructure. The Republican Party had a solid majority for the first two years of Trump’s administration and repeatedly spoke about infrastructure, but did zero.

Debate within the GOP has been fun to watch. There are disagreements among Republicans about how much to spend on infrastructure. Senator Shelley Moore Capito from West Virginia claimed on CNBC that she thought the “sweet spot of where we agree” is a $600 to $800 billion package. Senator Mitt Romney from Utah disagreed, suggesting that Capito’s range “seems a little high.”

Addressing infrastructure is crucial to the nation. Like going to the dentist or doctor for regular checkups and being a bit proactive, the end result is that you actually save money long term because the maintenance is not as high.

One thing is for sure when this passes through reconciliation: the same GOP members crying about the costs will go home to their districts or states and brag about the help they have championed for their states. And if they ever get back in power, they will have tax cuts for the wealthy and pork barrel projects doling out dollar amounts that are multiples of the infrastructure plan.

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