Republicans panic as they can’t figure out what to do about George Santos


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Today’s Republican Party is plagued with compulsive, professional liars. So, it’s no surprise that leaders and leading voices are not demanding George Santos’ ouster from Congress. However, rather than stay mum about the issue, some are speaking out to rationalize keeping Santos in government, despite his climb to power under shockingly false pretenses.

On Fox News this week, Tucker “I lie if I’m really cornered or something” Carlson defended keeping Santos around by pretending that his lying is nothing egregious and those that who take issue with it are being ridiculous. Conveniently ignoring the very serious and substantial topics about which Santos has lied, Carlson reframed the controversy, leading his loyal viewers to believe this is all about saying “he had played collegiate volleyball on a scholarship, and he hadn’t.”

With heavy sarcasm, Carlson labeled Santos a “threat,” “9/11 in human form,” and “a fraud, a ghoul” for the volleyball misrepresentation, which he called “a tissue of lies constructed to deceive the American people.” By using this lame tactic, Carlson was trying to dismiss Santos as being guilty, at most, of a singular political misdemeanor.

Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy have employed a different yet equally lame approach to this issue. Rather than try to minimize and devalue Santos’ unprecedented and mounting web of lies, this depraved duo is basically arguing, “Well, at least he’s not the horrible Joe Biden, right?”

Talking to reporters recently, Trump admitted, “I think it’s a terrible situation. It’s very unfortunate.” However, Trump, the former Liar-in Chief, quickly announced that Santos reminds him of Biden, of all people. Why? Because Santos has “told some whoppers” and, according to Trump, that’s exactly what Biden has done. So, if you were to buy Trump’s argument, it means you should support Santos staying in Congress because he hasn’t done anything the Democratic President of the United States doesn’t do, plus he’s a Republican.

McCarthy also drew a Santos-Biden comparison to imply, in a uniquely off-the-rails way, that Santos should remain in Congress because he’s just better than Biden. When Fox News host Mark Levin asked McCarthy recently which politician has more power, Biden or Santos, McCarthy managed to give the right answer. However, he tacked on the word “unfortunately,” implying that if someone like Biden can be President, then surely Santos can remain in the House.


From minimizing the Santos situation to using Biden as a foil, these loud voices are trying to gaslight America, employing crazy arguments that are themselves based on a multitude of lies. While it may sway certain people, a recent poll shows that 78% of Santos’ constituents want him gone. We’re not done learning about Santos and his fraud, and he will stay strapped to the hot seat until his final day in office.


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