Fox News sinks to a sick new low

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t’s never a good idea to come to work sick, as I learned the hard way many years back. A case of pneumonia struck me while I was at work. Being the stubborn person I am, I’d not been feeling well and had chosen to do nothing. Because of my negligence, I could have infected others.

Most corporations offer sick days. And it is understood that if one is sick, one should usually not come into the office. Only some at Fox non-news do not seem to think workers should HAVE vacation time. I say this because several Fox hosts, including Jeanine Pirro and Jesse Watters, openly talked on television about their contempt for sick days as well as declaring there may not be a need for them at all! Their solution? Just come to work sick.

“I’m not big on sick days,” Fox’s Martha McCallum said chattily. “I don’t think that you necessarily should have like the six sick days every year.”

“You don’t want people to think you are just lazy and want to stay home. And eat candy. Dark chocolate,” said Pirro. I have a few thoughts about this rather miserable conversation that — yes — made me feel a bit sick.

First, did you know that America has fewer paid sick days than many other countries, such as France and the United Kingdom? And in those other countries, vacation time is usually higher as well.

The fact of the matter is the better employees are treated, the harder they will work. That is just the way it is. And the Fox pundits that scornfully derided sick days are being a bit hypocritical because MANY of them frequently take time off and have substitute pundits anchoring their shows.

I bring all this up because Fox is in sync with the GOP. Often the GOP gets its worse ideas from Fox. So it would not surprise me if sick time inevitably came up on the GOP agenda. After all — they want to cut social security and medicare, so why not sick time?

Of coarse, that won’t happen. But in my opinion, many companies need more sick days, not fewer. But for pundits on the world’s fakest “news” station, it appears looking at their own viewers as human beings who are as subject to viruses and the common colds as anyone simply doesn’t interest them. Sickening.

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