Mike Pompeo just stepped in it

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There was a peaceful transition of power from the Trump to the Biden administration. There was a peaceful transition of power on January sixth. Everything went smoothly and efficiently. These comments above are lies. And, of coarse, you know that. January sixth was the day American terrorism came to town. And yet Republicans — many of them — still, to this day, will not admit or acknowledge this.

To do that would mean an end to the state of denial they find themselves in. Take Mike Pompeo. He will likely announce a Presidential run soon. In an interview with Sky News, Pompeo explained that there was a “peaceful transition of power” on January sixth.

“Make no mistake,” Pompeo said pompously. “That night, America showed it’s strength. Vice president Mike Pence finished this election. We had a peaceful transition of power.”

Pompeo acknowledged the insurrection, although he called it a “bad day” and a “riot.” But in his opinion, Mike Pence saved the day, and January sixth was all about peace — his words, not mine. In reality, there was no peaceful transition of power on January sixth. There WAS, however, a bloody, savage, terrorizing insurrection that left many wounded, injured, and dead.

There WERE gallows erected for our former VP. There WERE creatures, in the form of humans, on the hunt for folks like Nancy Pelosi. Sound “peaceful” to you? And as for Mike Pence? He did his damn job. Folks, I am tired of this “Saint Mike” talk. He did his damn JOB. He did not singlehandedly save democracy, and the way he speaks of national abortion bans only reiterates that.

It seems some — like Pompeo have decided their election strategy will be acknowledging January sixth but glossing over it as fast as possible while declaring the day a glorious transition of peace and good vibes.

This is a losing strategy that Pompeo will not ever understand because he’s a loser. Do not forget, please, that Pompeo refused to accept the election results foe MONTHS and even said they were transitioning to a second trump administration.

All of these things are, of coarse, why Pompeo has about as much chance of winning the republican nomination as my cat. And it shows how utterly, irreparably, tragically clueless the GOP still is.

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