Donald Trump’s remaining allies go completely off the deep end

While it’s long been clear that Donald Trump has made America the laughing stock of the world, it became even more clear following the video of world leaders openly mocking him. As Trump looks to pretend that he’s not desperately frightened by his imminent impeachment, his own actions prove otherwise. The Liar-In-Chief continues to rely on his lickspittle allies to spew debunked conspiracy theories, propaganda, and straight up lies.

While the effort to do so is strong, the apologists looking to help Trump are only coming off as more desperate and deranged. In one recent example, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has repeatedly espoused his love of Russia, seemingly selling out America, in an effort to make the point that supporting Trump, in all of his treasonous ways, is more important than actually being a patriotic American.

Calling Nancy Pelosi’s eloquent and accurate news conference a “train wreck” and saying she was “seething with rage” only further calls into question Sean Hannity’s credibility – not that he ever had any. It has long been understood that Hannity is a political hack. Following several years of spewing lies on Fox News, the cable network was forced to call his program “entertainment” because it couldn’t live up to their laughably low bar of journalistic standards.


Hannity goes on to say this about Vice President Biden’s son, “He was paid millions and millions of dollars, zero experience in gas, zero experience in energy, zero experience in Ukraine. He’s 0 for 3.” Hannity, as per usual, refuses to admit that the compensation Hunter Biden received was on the low end for board members. While most television companies refuse to report on it, Fox News has become nothing more than a state run media outlet for Donald Trump.

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