Donald Trump suddenly goes running to Putin as impeachment threatens to swallow him whole

We still don’t know how the impeachment process will play out against Donald Trump – but we know that Nancy Pelosi isn’t messing around, and she’s far smarter and savvier than he is. Trump has announced that he won’t even bother participating in the next phase of the House impeachment process. Instead he’s running into the arms of a familiar face.

That’s right, Trump is running to Vladimir Putin for help. Putin’s right hand man Sergei Lavrov is visiting the White House this upcoming week so he can meet with Trump’s own corrupt right hand man, Mike Pompeo, according to the Washington Post. The meeting is obviously nothing more than an opportunity for Putin to pass instructions to Trump in a manner that can’t be electronically traced, and it’s obviously a sign that Trump is at the end of his rope when it comes to his Ukraine extortion scandal.

Notably, this meeting is suddenly happening right after Donald Trump figured out that House impeachment investigators can get to his cellphone records, after they did the same to Rudy Giuliani. It’s not difficult to parse that Trump is now afraid to simply pull out his personal cellphone and call whichever Putin intermediary he might be using this week. Any such calls have been unsecured all along, but Trump only appears to be finally figuring this out now.


In any case, the specter of Donald Trump inviting the Kremlin into the White House, at a time when Trump is being impeached over his Ukraine scandal that was aimed at helping the Kremlin, makes for terrible optics. It’s clear that Trump is far past the point of caring about appearances. When you’re this desperate and you’re running out of options, your last ditch antics tend to make you look even more guilty.

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