Mike Pence just tipped off that he has something big to hide in Trump’s Ukraine scandal

Earlier this week Palmer Report pointed out that, even as the impeachment of Donald Trump was being officially handed off to the House Judiciary Committee, it appeared that the House Intelligence Committee and its Chairman Adam Schiff were shifting their focus to Mike Pence. Sure enough, now we know why.

It turns out that after Mike Pence aide Jennifer Williams publicly testified to the House impeachment inquiry about Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky, she then remembered things about Pence’s own phone call with Zelensky. She wanted to come back and testify about it, but Pence stepped in and abruptly classified it – so she testified about it privately. Whatever she said, Adam Schiff has deemed it important enough that he’s now publicly demanding that Pence declassify his entire phone call with Zelensky. So what’s going on here?

In short, Mike Pence just tipped off that he has something big to hide, and he’s told Schiff precisely where it can be found. If the police come to search your house, and you tell them that they’re not allowed to look in the front closet, then you’ve just told them that you’re hiding the good stuff in the front closet. This will set off a legal battle which Schiff should win, as Pence can’t just arbitrarily classify things for the sole purpose of trying to prevent them from being entered into evidence; that’s obstruction of justice.

Notably, back when Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal was first exploding, he tried to take the heat off himself by calling a press conference and repeatedly urging everyone to try to get their hands on the transcript of Mike Pence’s phone call with Zelensky. Sure enough, that phone call must deeply incriminate Pence, because he’s now bending over backward to try to delay it from inevitably becoming public. No wonder Schiff is turning his focus to Pence.

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