Donald Trump is treating this like a reality show finale and nobody wants to watch it anymore [Updated]

Twice in the past two hours, Donald Trump has teased some nonsense and then added “information to follow!” In neither case has he followed up with any actual information or anything relevant.

Trump, whose White House reality show has been canceled, and is only still being aired because the schedule makers don’t know what they’re doing, is still trying to hype things up for ratings ahead of the series finale. The thing is, nobody wants to watch.


At this point Trump has vetoed the U.S. military budget, he’s caused unemployment checks to lapse, he’s holding stimulus relief checks in limbo [Update, 8:10pm: Trump has just signed the $600 stimulus bill], and yet he thinks anyone out there cares about whatever it is that he’s teasing. It’ll turn out to be nothing anyway. At this point the one thing that’s clear is that Trump is too hobbled to do anything of consequence and too delusional to focus on anything relevant. 24 days until the worst reality show in history is off the air – and most Americans are more worried about how to pay for their next meal.

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