Donald Trump golfs while America burns, and his life burns with it

Last night Donald Trump let unemployment benefits lapse for millions of Americans, making it even harder for them to feed their families during the pandemic. Trump has also vetoed the military budget, and is holding up stimulus relief checks for hundreds of millions of Americans.

With America in proverbial flames, Trump decided that today would be a good day to go golfing. That’s right, he’s out playing golf while Americans struggle, suffer, starve, get sick, and die. This isn’t surprising; he’s a stone cold sociopath.

What is somewhat surprising is that Trump’s life is also burning. He’s just 24 days from being ejected from the presidency, and being subjected to the tidal wave of criminal and civil action that’s been piling up against him over the past four years.


Trump will end up bankrupt and in prison, and what’s he doing to try to give himself a softer landing? Well, nothing. He’s either too far gone to understand that his life is falling to pieces by the hour, or he’s given up hope and he’s enjoying himself during the brief window he has left before his life falls to pieces.

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