The real reason Donald Trump just forced Jeff Sessions to “resign”

Moments ago, Donald Trump tweeted that Jeff Sessions was no longer the Attorney General. This was swiftly accompanied by a resignation letter from Sessions, stating that he was resigning at Trump’s “request.” Translation: he was fired. This story is going to dominate the new coverage today, but for the wrong reasons, and that’s the entire point.

Other than settling a petty personal score against a guy he despises, Donald Trump accomplishes nothing by ousting Jeff Sessions. The Trump-Russia is still ongoing. Robert Mueller is still in place, and has everything he needs to finish this. If Trump we’re trying to make something actually happen, he’d be ousting more people at the DOJ than just Sessions. And maybe that’ll end up happening once Trump gets more desperate. But by just ousting Sessions, Trump is simply getting the media to spend the day talking about whether Mueller will be magically fired, instead of talking about how Trump got his butt whipped in the election.

If anything, Donald Trump may have just accelerated his own demise. Jeff Sessions has already proven he has no interest in protecting Trump, and now Sessions has every reason to cut a plea deal or immunity deal with Robert Mueller, if he hasn’t already. And Mueller, who is already basically at the finish line, may now be motivated to make his big move against Trump sooner than he’d planned, just in case.