No, Donald Trump can’t magically fire Robert Mueller and magically get away with everything

For the last time: Donald Trump doesn’t have a magic wand. Yes, he forced Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “resign” today, and yes, one of Trump’s complicit stooges is now Acting Attorney General. But it’s set off yet another round of media-inspired panic about whether Trump is now about to magically fire Robert Mueller and magically get away with everything.

If Donald Trump had the balls to make this move six months ago, back before Robert Mueller had finished his investigation into Trump, maybe it could have gotten him somewhere. Really, Trump would have had to do this a year ago, back before Mueller started cutting plea deals with Trump’s top underlings, and they started spilling their guts to him. But Trump, who talks a big game and then usually waits too long before playing a too-small hand, has predictably waited until it’s too late.

By all accounts, Robert Mueller is at the finish line when it comes to making his big move against Donald Trump. How is Mueller harmed by potentially having to answer to new Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker? He’s not. Whitaker’s big idea all along has been to cut Mueller’s budget. How’s that supposed to matter at this late date?

The Democrats have the House. Robert Mueller is at the finish line. Donald Trump has lost. The only power Trump has left is to decide when and how he’s going to go down, and how painful he wants his demise to be for him. Yet the media, after having spent the past year and a half filling every slow news day with the ratings-friendly doomsday fiction that Trump can magically fire Mueller and magically get away with everything, is right back at it today. The only thing Trump accomplished today was to get the media to stop covering the fact that he lost the midterms.