Donald Trump melts down in psychotic press conference after he loses the midterms

Donald Trump suffered a crippling blow last night when the Democrats won control of the House of Representatives, meaning that every one of his criminal scandals will now be properly investigated, and he’ll be made to answer for his crimes. Trump held a press conference today in which he insisted that last night was somehow a victory for him – but his words and behavior said something very, very different.

Actually it’s not entirely clear what some of Trump’s words were saying, because too many of them were incoherent or unintelligible. During his ninety minute press conference, Trump put on a display that was jarring and deranged even by his standards, and at times, downright psychotic. Trump angrily exploded at reporters who dared to ask questions he didn’t like. He kept telling them to “sit down” even as they continued asking their questions. At one point Trump began walking away in frustration, only to change his mind and come back for more.

Donald Trump referred to CNN’s Jim Acosta as a “rude, terrible person” after Acosta committed the sin of refusing to hand his microphone to an aide. Another reporter asked Trump about the mounting number of former associates, such as Michael Cohen and Lil Jon, who have accused him of saying racist things. Trump’s response: “Lil Jon? I’ve never heard of him.” The reporter shot back: “He was on the Apprentice.”

During the press conference it was announced that Democratic Senator Jon Tester had just won reelection. Trump congratulated him and said that the media probably hated it, seemingly confused about who Tester was, and which party he belonged to. At another point Trump began making fun of specific Republican candidates who lost after failing to embrace him – including Mia Love, whose race hasn’t been called yet.

It’s clear that after last night’s losses, and the specter of the Democratic House exposing every last one of his crimes, Donald Trump has lost what little he might have had left of his marbles. He sounded equal parts delusional, resentful, and defeated. Deep down, Trump seems to know he’s completely hosed.