Donald Trump campaign pulls the plug

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The surest sign that Donald Trump is losing? It’s not the national polling averages, though those are devastating. It’s not the fact that Trump is losing in every swing state, or even the fact that he’s tied in red states like Texas and Alaska. It’s that the Trump campaign knows Trump is losing.

The Trump campaign is now pulling the plug on all of its advertising while it tries to figure out what’s going so horribly wrong with its strategy, according to a new report from NBC News. It’s one thing to reevaluate things. It’s another to bring a halt to current advertising entirely while reevaluating things; that’s an admission that the current ad strategy is accomplishing literally nothing.

In the days since Donald Trump took the campaign reins away from professional idiot Brad Parscale, we’ve been somewhat concerned that the campaign might shift strategy. But come to think of it, no one in the Trump campaign has a clue what they’re doing, so it’s unlikely that the new campaign strategy will be any less stupid than the old one.

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