Ghislaine Maxwell’s secret communications with Jeffrey Epstein have begun surfacing tonight

For a minute there it looked like we’d have to wait another few days. But now the evidence in the long-settled civil suit involving Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, and one of their victims is starting to surface tonight. This includes emails between Maxwell and Epstein.

For instance, when Ghislaine Maxwell argued that she should be let out on bail, she insisted that she hadn’t had any contact with Jeffrey Epstein in at least a decade. It turns out that was a lie. These new emails reveal that as recently as 2015, Maxwell was asking Epstein to help her with her PR problems. This first email out of the gate isn’t exactly salacious, but it proves that Maxwell is so afraid of what was in these emails, she lied to the court about it.

We recommend following the Twitter feed of the great Adam Klasfeld from Courthouse News, as he continues to sift through the newly released evidence tonight.

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