President Biden has this one nailed

Republicans had years to pass laws to benefit the American people, but time and again, they chose not to do so. They heavily favor big business and the rich, continuing to operate on the failed theory of trickle down, even after economists have shown that this theory does not work.

One of the first things that President Biden set out to do was make changes that directly benefit Americans who have been suffering because of COVID-19. He put together a package to provide $1,400 stimulus checks to individuals, money to aid small businesses, funds to help reopen schools, and other benefits. The Republicans had an opportunity to get on board with President Biden’s plan. Instead, they argued before Congress into the wee hours of the morning, only to have Vice President Kamala Harris issue a tie breaker to pass the proposed legislation. Democrats can now move forward with providing much needed relief to Americans, and according to Politico, the Republicans’ refusal to get on board will come back to haunt them.

Democrats plan to take full advantage of the Republicans’ refusal to participate in President Biden’s COVID-19 bill. Politico reported that Democrats are already making plans to use Republican refusal in ads for the midterms, showing Republicans “as willing to slash taxes for the wealthy but too stingy to cut checks for people struggling during the deadly pandemic.” If you think about it, that is typical Republican behavior. They had no trouble shoving through a tax cut for the rich — that also provided benefits to corporations — with no regard for Americans. Now, we are faced with an economic crisis, and several corporations are paying no taxes, according to the Center for Public Integrity. For example, Amazon, which we all know made billions, ended up with a -1% tax rate. That list goes on, but you get the idea. Republicans begrudge Americans a paltry $1,400 while rewarding corporations — that make billions in profits — with an out to continue to line their CEOs’ pockets. Democrats need to really hammer this home when the midterm elections start to heat up. They should account for every bit of money they are putting in Americans’ pockets in response to this deadly virus that needlessly raged out of control.


Democrats are planning an outreach effort to highlight the benefits of the package, and they are enlisting the help of state parties, which Politico reports will be billed as “saving lives and creating jobs.” The public is all too aware of the last administration’s failures when it comes to COVID-19, and they believe showing the differences in Biden’s administration will go a long way toward keeping the seats they have and possibly gaining others. Democrats hope to push Republicans into explaining to their constituents why they voted against a bill that can help to not only eradicate COVID but bring much needed relief economically. That will be a tough stance to defeat for Republicans, and they may well wish they had signed on to the relief package.

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