We win either way

My claims that there may indeed be some Republicans who do vote to convict have been met with a bit of skepticism! I completely understand that. But let’s break it down a bit. The Impeachment trial is just getting started. We do not yet know how it will shape up. We also do not know what kind of evidence will be brought forth.

And things change daily. In the world of rapidly evolving news cycles, anything can and does happen. And I would bet that specific details will come out that we are not even aware exist.

This does not mean I believe an overwhelming majority of Republicans will convict Trump. But what I want to make clear is this: we cannot lose either way.

If, by some miracle, Trump is convicted, it will be great! And if not, we make sure the American people know what the sedition party’s message is. We run ads. We donate to our candidates. Through volunteering and activism, we work hard to get our candidates elected and show the people what exactly the Republicans stand for, which is nothing.

And we let the people know that they cannot trust the Republicans to stand up to our enemies abroad when they cannot even stand up to one enemy domestically. Above all, relax! Watch if you want to, and try not to let the meaningless noise of the Republicans get to you. No matter what happens, Trump is the only President who has ever been impeached twice.

And if you are still nervous, imagine Trump is watching from Florida, which he will indeed be doing, growing outraged but having no social media outlet to tweet his outrage!

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