President Biden cleans house

President Joe Biden continues his quest to “clean house” by removing Trump loyalists from advisory boards. Good. No one associated with Trump ever had any interest in serving the American people. It was all about the power for them. In his last attempt at wielding his power prior to leaving office, Trump placed his loyalists on various boards, probably to continue to wreak havoc after he was gone. One of the worst appointments was Trump’s lie-filled former “adviser” Kellyanne Conway to the Air Force Academy Board of Visitors. These are positions for people of integrity, not Trump ass-kissers who do nothing positive for anyone for any reason. One of those appointments is trying to stay.

Russell Vought was appointed to the Naval Academy Board of Visitors. Instead of gracefully exiting as requested, Vought tweeted that he plans to serve out his entire term. If you are not familiar with Vought, he founded the Center for Renewing America, which sounds like something Trump would endorse. The organization’s mission statement is enough to turn you away from it with its talk of “a nation under God” and “individual enjoyment of freedom.” Don’t get me wrong: I believe in God, but not in the twisted way these people proclaim. I am also a believer in personal freedoms—if they do not encroach on my own. These people care nothing about freedoms other than their own, and they use God as a battering ram to beat others over the head with their own beliefs. They consider truth in history as “threats to our communities, our families, and our faith” and liken “critical race theory” to Marxism. First, Republicans are the ones who named historical truth “critical race theory.” There is no such thing. Second, they claim to be protecting children in grades K-12, when truth history is only taught on the college level. Once again, Republicans have come up within something to divide, and because their staunchest supporters live in fear, it has become a buzz phrase for them. Remember when Donald Trump said he liked Republicans because they are “the dumbest group of voters?” Yeah, me too.


According to Politico, President Biden’s Director of White House President Personnel Office Cathy Russell sent letters to 18 appointees, advising them that she expected their resignations by the close of business, and if she did not receive it, they would all be terminated as of 6:00 p.m. That is called getting to the point with no bullshit. Politico reported that Jack Keane is “disappointed” that the President is not keeping them because “it is tradition.” What a joke. Trump did nothing to honor or uphold tradition, including inviting President Biden to the White House after his victory. Yet, they expect Biden to honor everything Trump did. I hate to tell them, but the river flows both ways. They should expect no more from Biden than they did from Trump, even though Biden is a much more honorable man. His honor, however, does not have to extend to anyone who had anything to do with the previous administration.

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