Digging out of this hole

Trump and Covid have proven there are some thoroughly awful people out there. They were always awful but there were societal norms of caring and politeness that constrained them. Now the right-wingers have thrown off the mantle of decency and taken pride in their nastiness.

The Evangelicals worship the golden idol of Trump, DeSantis pals around with child sex traffickers and exposes other children to Covid with his anti-mask mandate, and then there’s 54% of Republicans who would vote for the insurrectionist should he run in 2024. It’s terrifying to think there are such people out there, but Kristi Noem, Greg Abbott and the Republicans on the Supreme Court show just how misogynistic and cruel they are.

We are firmly in the school of Believe Them. The courts will knock down most of their deadly orders, but Republican states will continue to be poor, under-educated and cruel to those in need regardless of individual rulings. We’ve got to keep up the blue wave. As we’ve said before, there will always be an entrenched minority who will vote for hard right-wing issues.


But the overwhelming majority of Americans are urban, equality-minded and kind. It’s important not to forget that almost all elections are within the Dems’ reach, but we’ve got to remain fired up. Trump showed us how corrupt and ignorant our country could become. Biden shows us there’s hope for the future, OUR future, if we vote for decency.

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