Reince Priebus and Don McGahn have sold out Donald Trump to Robert Mueller

For months, circumstantial evidence has been steadily piling up that former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and current White House Counsel Don McGahn have been cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal and obstruction scandal. Based on today’s breaking news, there’s no longer any real doubt that Priebus and McGahn have indeed sold out Trump to Mueller.

Mueller is now investigating Trump for having asked two witnesses what they did or didn’t tell Mueller, according to a New York Times report today (link). The two witnesses in question: Priebus and McGahn. We keep hearing their names in conjunction over and over again when it comes to Mueller conveniently learning about Trump’s ongoing efforts at obstructing the investigation. This time around, as per usual, it’s fairly clear from the text of the article that Mueller could only have learned about this from Priebus and McGahn themselves. Moreover, in this instance, they must have gone back to Mueller after their initial testimony so they could rat out Trump further.

This is crucial because the easiest way for Mueller to prove Trump guilty on witness tampering and obstruction of justice is to have the testimony of the witnesses Trump tried to unduly influence. Of course this is nothing new when it comes to Priebus and McGahn. It was long ago reported that Priebus had been taking personal notes about Trump’s obstruction antics the entire time he was working in the White House, and that he voluntarily turned those notes over to Mueller.

This is a good time for a reminder that Reince Priebus and Don McGahn are using the same attorney in the Trump-Russia scandal. By legal definition this means they have to take the same position, or the attorney would have to dump one of them. It’s increasingly clear they’ve both flipped. Steve Bannon recently hired that same attorney just before he reportedly spilled his guts to Robert Mueller.

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