Robert Mueller now has Betsy DeVos’ brother Erik Prince nailed in the Trump-Russia scandal

For months we’ve been hearing various media reports about the meeting that Trump Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ brother Erik Prince held with the Russians in the Seychelles. Six weeks ago we learned that the guy who helped set up that meeting, George Nader, began cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Earlier this week the major media finally began putting Nader’s name in the headlines. Now we know why: Mueller has Prince nailed.

Mueller has determined that, as had long been suspected, Erik Prince’s Seychelles meeting during the transition period was an attempt at establishing a backchannel between Donald Trump and the Russian government, according to a new report from the Washington Post today (link). Prince, and for that matter Trump, would have had no legal authority to establish this kind of thing during the transition, while Barack Obama was still the President. In fact, it’s a crime. We’ve known this since Michael Flynn got into legal trouble for negotiating with the Russian Ambassador during the transition period. So where does this leave us?

Erik Prince essentially runs private armies for a living. He knows where a lot of proverbial bodies, and perhaps actual bodies, have been buried by a whole lot of thugs and rogue regimes around the world. He also surely has plenty of dirt on Donald Trump. This means Prince would have a lot to offer Mueller in a plea deal. Our guess is that Mueller will try to pressure Prince into flipping on Trump. Of course this brings Prince’s sister back into play.

There is no known evidence that Betsy DeVos was involved in Erik Prince’s Trump-Russia-Seychelles plot. That said, it’s always stood out as surreal that Donald Trump put her in the cabinet, while relying on her brother for underworld dealings. For now, we’ll point you back to Palmer Report’s original reporting from thirteen months ago which connected Trump Tower’s Russian email server to a DeVos-controlled company in Michigan (link). If Prince flips on Trump, DeVos would more or less have to resign from Trump’s cabinet, so keep on an eye on that.

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