Donald Trump is saying his prayers

With the recent raid of Donald Trump’s deepest darkest secrets, right down to his “lawyer’s” safety deposit box, it’s safe to say that the Trump train is about to fly off the rails and take a significant part of the swamp with it. It’s been said that people like a good train wreck and this one promises to be one of Biblical proportions, not just for us, but for Donald J. Trump as well.

As you may have noticed, Donald doesn’t talk much about his mother, if at all. The story goes that she was a quiet woman of faith who knew “her place” and that her son was a handful, but she was as proud of him as only a mother could be. Back then, fathers held the purse strings and the power to mold their little boys into future barons of industry. It’s been said that the only thing Donald’s mother really had to offer her son was her faith in the bible he placed his hand upon when he was sworn in. Over the years, Donald hasn’t shown much of an interest in his mother or her faith, until recently.

With each new chapter in Trump’s lurid revelations, he’s been saying his prayers both publicly and privately while participating in prayer meetings. On the outside looking in, it is somewhat biblical when you realize that it took a scandal of biblical proportions to get Donald J. Trump to be “President” of the United States before he started saying his prayers and drew closer to his mother.

When the flood of Donald Trump’s activities are washed upon the shores of justice for all to see in the Southern District of New York, Donald J. Trump might actually start crying out for his Mother once he fully realizes that only God can help him now.

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