The real reason Sean Hannity claimed he used Michael Cohen for “real estate” advice

When a federal judge forced the legal team for Donald Trump and Michael Cohen on Monday to immediately disclose that Cohen’s secret other client was Fox News host Sean Hannity, it created a situation where Hannity was caught off guard and had to respond to the news in real time. He ended up posting a foolish tweet denying that Cohen formally represented him, thus likely erasing any attorney-client privilege. He also blurted out that he had only asked Cohen for “real estate” legal advice. That may end up being even more problematic for Hannity.

The question of course is whether Hannity’s response is something he made up at random, or something that’s based in truth. If it’s the former, then he may have simply said “real estate” because it was the first thing that popped into his mind. But what if Hannity picked that because it contains a grain of truth? Just what might have Hannity gotten himself into when it comes to Trump’s criminal real estate empire?

It takes us back to when Donald Trump Jr was busted having met with the Russians at Trump Tower, and he initially claimed the meeting was about adoption. Eventually we learned that it technically was about adoption, more specifically Russian adoptions, in relation to the Magnitsky Act, which in turn related to U.S. sanctions against Russia. Did Sean Hannity just give us a similar clue?

Michael Cohen is the guy who reached out to the Russian government during the election on Donald Trump’s behalf, in the hope of building a Trump Tower in Moscow. Sean Hannity can’t have been stupid enough to have been involved in that, can he? Then again, Hannity was stupid enough to have also hired Trump’s other attorney Jay Sekulow, as well as Trump’s almost-attorney Victoria Toensing, so he really is pretty stupid. One way or the other, his “real estate” answer is going to come back to bite him.

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