Mitch McConnell gives away his guilt on Trump-Russia

Now that the criminal overarching investigation into all things Donald Trump has moved in so close on him that the Feds are busting down his attorney’s doors, there’s more concern than ever that Trump might do something desperate in response. That’s led both parties of Congress to make a renewed push this week to make sure Special Counsel Robert Mueller is able to finish the job. It turns out there’s just one little turtle-shaped problem.

Despite bipartisan Senate support over the past week for legislation to make it more difficult for Trump to fire Mueller, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced yesterday that he will refuse to allow the legislation to be voted on. This is surreal, considering that the bill would pass the Senate. In so doing, McConnell has once and for all outed himself as being a guilty party in Donald Trump’s criminal Russia scandal.

There is no other possible explanation for why McConnell would go against prominent Senators in own party, to single handedly block a bill that the majority of Americans want to see passed. McConnell is just that desperate to try to prevent all the various secrets in the Trump-Russia scandal from coming to light. Moreover, McConnell is now willing to make this incredibly conspicuous move, which places suspicion squarely on him, because he’s so desperate as to be past the point of appearances.

So precisely what role did Mitch McConnell play in the Trump-Russia scandal? He know that he privately threatened President Obama during the election with regard to releasing evidence that Russia was trying to rig the election in Donald Trump’s favor. Trump then appointed McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao to his cabinet. McConnell is known to have taken $2.5 million in technically legal Super PAC money from a Kremlin oligarch with dual U.S. citizenship, which raises questions about how much further the Kremlin-McConnell money trail may have gone. At a time when Trump’s co-conspirators are being outed left and right, McConnell is right to be desperate – but he can’t stop it all from coming out.

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