House Democrats just keep piling on as this afternoon’s impeachment hearings swing sharply their way

House Republicans thought they were somehow helping Donald Trump by requesting that Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison publicly testify to the House impeachment inquiry. But Morrison hasn’t said anything that helps Trump, and Volker is now revising his earlier testimony to throw Trump and Rudy Giuliani all the way under the bus. But House Democrats aren’t letting up.

Kurt Volker used his public testimony today to reveal that he suddenly recalled Gordon Sondland’s incriminating antics during a meeting with John Bolton. Volker, despite being a Republican diplomatic operative, also went out of his way to spell out that the fake scandal about Democratic candidate Joe Biden is indeed fake. Heading into the break, we thought maybe this would be enough to get Volker off the hook for his previous testimony, which appears to have been misleading.

But now that the break is over, Democratic House Counsel Daniel Goldman and Adam Schiff have each begun hammering away at Volker and Morrison over what appear to be additional inconsistencies in their testimony. The two witnesses now look at least mildly shellshocked upon realizing that they’re not getting off easily.

We don’t think House Democrats will end up making a perjury referral against the likes of Kurt Volker, once Trump has been finished off. Instead, we suspect House Democrats are piling on against Volker right now, as a way of sending a message to any upcoming witnesses who might be tempted to be less than forthcoming in their testimony. Democrats are playing hardball.

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