Mike Pence chases his own tail after today’s House impeachment hearings go poorly or him

After the transcripts revealed that Mike Pence’s aide Jennifer Williams had testified behind closed doors that Donald Trump acted corruptly in the Ukraine scandal, Pence made a point of distancing himself from Williams. It told you all you needed to know about Pence’s sheer sliminess. Now that Williams has testified in public, Pence is sinking even lower.

Mike Pence’s National Security Adviser, General Kellogg, is now insisting that Jennifer Williams’ public testimony today somehow exonerates Pence, according to a surreal new report from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. Wait, so Pence’s office has gone from dishonestly throwing Williams under the bus, to now trying to align Pence with Williams?

Whatever. The reality is that Jennifer Williams’ testimony today did not exonerate Mike Pence in any way. She stated that she left notes for Pence about the Trump-Ukraine phone call, and that she doesn’t know if Pence read them. Of course he read them; she just can’t prove it. When Adam Schiff asked Williams about Pence’s own phone call with Ukraine, Williams’ attorney revealed that she couldn’t answer because Pence is keeping that phone call classified.

Mike Pence is flailing in real time, trying to grasp at anything that he thinks might help him a bit, while throwing anyone under the bus whom he thinks might hurt him. Pence is being every bit as manipulative and corrupt toward the witnesses as Donald Trump is. Pence is just doing it in a more mild-mannered way – but he’s just as guilty, and he knows it.

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