House GOP crashes and burns as impeachment hearings take their ugliest turn for Donald Trump yet

The sun went down for the day quite awhile ago in Washington DC, yet Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison are still publicly testifying to the House impeachment inquiry. Morrison hasn’t helped Donald Trump one bit, and Volker is throwing Trump as far under the bus as he can throw him. To be clear, these are the two witnesses that House Republicans wanted to publicly testify.

This gives you a sense of just how poorly today has been going for the House Republicans who are desperately trying to find a way to save Donald Trump, and instead keep accidentally stomping on Trump’s toe. This morning, these same House Republicans went way too far in trying to smear Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, to the point that it gave Vindman instant credibility as a witness.

After House Republican Counsel Steve Castor massively overstepped while attacking Vindman this morning, and surely learned that he was getting slammed for it by the pundits and the public, he pulled his punches so thoroughly during the afternoon hearings that it was difficult to tell which side he was even working for.

The House Republicans are now whining, complaining, and hyperventilating on live national television as today’s hearings – which began nearly ten hours ago and are still ongoing – continue to go even worse for Donald Trump. The House GOP is literally begging for today’s hearings to simply come to an end, which tells you how things are going.

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