Everyone piles on after Donald Trump gives the lamest Oval Office speech of all time

Donald Trump spent all day goading the mainstream media into hyping his prime time speech as if it were going to be some kind of history-altering event. Instead it ended up being an eight minute nothing burger which saw Trump sniffing his way through the same old talking points, while seemingly half asleep. Suffice it to say that the nation’s response to the speech was less than kind.

Larry Sabato of the UVA Center for Politics quipped “Now I see why Trump has never before given an Oval Office address. Just…bloody…awful.” Pastor John Pavlovitz tweeted this about Donald Trump: “How can someone with no soul, talk about the crisis of one?” Television writer Bryan Behar suggested Trump’s speech was “delivered with all the credibility and gravitas of a snake oil salesman in every episode of Bonanza.”

One of the leading Donald Trump parody accounts offered this send-up: “I gave my speech! In the Oval Office! Did you see me? It was on TV! Everybody says I did REALLY good! But Nancy and Chuck HATED it! There very mean to me! I got to use a telaprompter thingie! It had lots of words! I used it to say LOTS of stuff!” Joe Biden’s former Chief of Staff Ron Klain joked that Trump sounded like the animatronic version of Trump from Disney’s Hall of Presidents.

But really, most people simply couldn’t figure out why Donald Trump went to all the trouble of hyping this speech, only to give a total nothing burger of a speech. Even the New York Times opinion section ended up quipping “Well there’s nine minutes of my life I’m never getting back.” We couldn’t have said it better.

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