Donald Trump has bizarre late night meltdown after failed Oval Office speech

It’s generally a bad sign when the “President” of the United States gives an Oval Office speech during prime time television, and it’s such a tepid and incoherent dud, no one can even figure out why he bothered giving it. Donald Trump’s border wall speech was full of sniffing and half-awake script reading, and completely devoid of anything resembling a pulse. Now Trump is having a bizarre late night meltdown about it.

Two hours after his failed Oval Office speech, Donald Trump posted this very strange tweet: “Thank you for soooo many nice comments regarding my Oval Office speech. A very interesting experience!” Okay, wait a minute. First of all, who supposedly gave these nice comments to Trump? And there was certainly nothing “interesting” about his brief and listless speech. So what gives?

Let’s be clear here: considering that he was already visibly half asleep by the time he gave this speech, to the point that he seriously sounded like he was doped up on sedatives or tranquilizers, there’s no possible way he was still conscious two hours later. So either this tweet was pre-scheduled before the speech, which would explain why it was so oddly generic, or someone on Trump’s staff wrote it.

We think we’ve discovered a pattern in which Donald Trump’s occasional tweets containing the word “soooo” are actually being posted by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. For that matter, this sounds like the kind of lifeless gibberish she would come up with. But it’s probably more fun to imagine Trump lying in bed, worried about the fallout from his crapola speech, and not being able to come up with anything wittier than it was an “interesting experience!”

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