We now know a whole lot more about the identity of Robert Mueller’s mystery foreign government owned company

The Supreme Court decided today that it has no interest in hearing the appeal from the mystery foreign government-owned company that’s been trying to dodge an evidence subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This essentially means that Mueller has won the battle once and for all, as there is no higher court for the company to appeal to. We’ve also learned a lot more today about the company’s identity.

Various major media outlets have collectively revealed a number of details about the company today. For instance, while this comes as no surprise, it’s now confirmed that the company is a financial institution. In addition, the company has at least one branch in New York, which is where the subpoena was first delivered to. This narrows things down significantly.

We’ve already managed to rule out Donald Trump’s favorite money laundering bank, Deutsche Bank in Germany, as well as Alfa Bank in Russia, because they’re not owned by their respective governments. On the other hand, Sberbank is owned by the Russian government, and it has an office in New York City, and it tried to fund Trump Tower Moscow, so it completely fits the description. VEB Bank is also owned by the Kremlin, and it funded Trump’s failed real estate project in Toronto, but VEB doesn’t appear to have any presence in New York.

We still don’t have a definitive name, but the list of possibilities keeps getting shorter, and Sberbank fits the description the most closely. But the bigger story is that Robert Mueller has now definitively won this battle, and he’ll get his evidence against Trump unless the bank wants to get squeezed to death by massive daily financial penalties. And once Mueller finishes his report, this evidence will be in it, which should reveal the company’s identity in the process.

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