Senate Democrats publish documents that catch Brett Kavanaugh committing even more felony perjury

The Senate confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have already been controversial and dramatic. We’ve seen Democratic Senator Cory Booker release emails which exposed Kavanaugh as a shady character and an ideological extremist. We’ve seen GOP Senator John Cornyn make the empty threat of expelling Booker. Yesterday we saw Democrats seek to expose Kavanaugh’s apparent gambling problem. Now the Democrats are zeroing in further on Kavanaugh’s status as a perjurer.

Influential Senator Dick Durbin tweeted this: “In 2006, I asked Judge Kavanaugh about his role in the 4th Circuit nomination of Jim Haynes – a key figure in crafting the Bush White House detention & interrogation policies. Under oath, he said, ‘I’ve—I know Jim Haynes, but it was not one of the nominations that I handled.’ However, these emails from 2002 and 2003 show that then-Associate White House Counsel Brett Kavanaugh played a substantial role in the decision to nominate Haynes, including examining whether Haynes ‘would be an across-the-board judicial conservative.'” Durbin then posted the emails in question.

Durbin went on to add: “This is a theme that we see emerge with Judge Kavanaugh time and time again – he says one thing under oath, and then the documents tell a different story. It is no wonder the White House and Senate Republicans are rushing through this nomination and hiding his record.” The key phrase here is “under oath.” Lying under oath is perjury, a felony, and you generally go to prison for it. Senate Democrats are exposing Kavanaugh as not merely a serial liar, but a criminal liar.


As Palmer Report has previously spelled out, the Democrats are trying to do two things here. The first is to expose Brett Kavanaugh as such as toxic pile of crap, certain vulnerable Republican Senators might conclude that they can’t vote for him, for fear it’ll cost them reelection. The second is to firmly establish that Kavanaugh has committed multiple felonies, which would set the stage for Kavanaugh to be impeached even if he is confirmed. More and more, it’s starting to feel like – whatever direction this goes in for now – it’ll end up with Kavanaugh in prison.

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