Feels like Brett Kavanaugh is going to prison

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In the past, I’ve been accused of predicting that one too many of Donald Trump’s underlings and associates are going to prison. The thing is, these people do in fact keep going to prison. Manafort and Papadopoulos are behind bars as we speak, while Flynn, Cohen, and Gates have agreed to go to prison, with plenty more names on the way. Now I’m going to add a name that’s going to get me in trouble again: it feels like Brett Kavanaugh is going to prison. Hear me out.

Senate Democrats have done more this week than merely expose Kavanaugh as a lying extremist thug, giving potential pause to a few Republican Senators from moderate states who have to worry about reelection if they vote for this guy. The Democrats have also repeatedly gotten Kavanaugh to perjure himself while under oath, while exposing that he also committed plenty of perjury during prior hearings. But that’s just the half of it.

Perjury is a felony. If you think political figures don’t go to prison for committing perjury before Congress, consider that when Republican operative Samuel Patten cut a plea deal a week ago, one of the crimes he confessed to was lying about Trump-Russia to the Senate. It wasn’t the Senate that criminally pursued him for this perjury; it was the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Washington DC.

When these confirmation hearings are over, Brett Kavanaugh will either become a Supreme Court Justice, or he’ll be rejected, and he’ll still be a federal judge. Would the U.S. Attorney try to bring criminal charges against a sitting judge? We don’t know. But we do know that the Senate referred Patten’s perjury to the U.S. Attorney. If the Democrats take the Senate, they could turn around and refer Kavanaugh for perjury, which would probably result in a criminal case. But there’s more.

Consider what else has surfaced thus far in the confirmation hearings. Brett Kavanaugh had a shady conversation over email with political operative, and the subject line was “spying.” Kavanaugh was afraid to say whether he’s had conversations about the Trump-Russia probe with the law firm that represented Donald Trump. This is just what the Democrats have been able to dig up and expose during committee hearings, before getting to the full Senate chamber hearings.

In other words, Brett Kavanaugh is dirty as hell – and he hasn’t been particularly skilled or careful about trying to cover his tracks. People this dirty, and this careless, tend to have an endless collection of skeletons in their closet. When someone is corrupt enough to want to be appointed to the Supreme Court by Donald Trump for the express purpose of illegally protecting Trump, that person has to be some kind of career criminal. Not only is this guy dirty, he’s left dirt tracks everywhere he goes.

There is no way to predict whether Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed, how much he might be able to help Donald Trump if he is confirmed, or how long he might be able to last in that position before he’s toppled. Blocking his confirmation is paramount beyond words. But we’ve learned this week that this guy is so profoundly corrupt, and that digging up his dirt is so surprisingly easy, it’s a safe bet that everything about him will come out eventually. Forget about Kavanaugh merely being impeached; there’s a good chance he’ll end up criminally indicted, and yes, in prison.

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