Donald Trump mistakenly spilled his guts to a lawyer he had no attorney-client privilege with

As far back as last year, Palmer Report has been pointing out that Donald Trump never had any attorney-client privilege with his lawyer Ty Cobb, because he had put Cobb on the White House payroll to save money. We’ve long asked the question of whether Trump was aware of this, because if he confessed his crimes to Cobb, then Cobb would be legally required to sell him out to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Now we have our answer.

Bob Woodward’s new book was released today. It exposes a conversation between Donald Trump and his former criminal defense attorney John Dowd. In that conversation, Dowd explains to Trump that there was never any attorney-client privilege between Trump and Ty Cobb. Trump’s response: “Jesus.” It turns out Trump had told Cobb all kinds of things that he suddenly regretted. The book doesn’t reveal what those things specifically are, but Trump’s shocked and panicked response makes clear that he told Cobb things he shouldn’t.

Because there is no attorney-client privilege, it means that Ty Cobb is required by law to tell Robert Mueller everything that Donald Trump ever said to him. So unless Cobb is willing to go to prison in order to protect Trump, which is highly doubtful, it means Cobb is going to sell Trump out to Mueller – and he probably already has.

Again, Palmer Report and other political analysts have long pointed out that Donald Trump and Ty Cobb had no attorney-client privilege. The question all along has been whether Trump was aware of this, and accordingly, whether or not Trump was admitting his crimes to Cobb while discussing the case. Now, thanks to the Woodward book, we know the answer – and Mueller has the ultimate insider witness against Trump.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report