Donald Trump’s allies resort to “performance art” as he circles the drain

It couldn’t be much more clear that Donald Trump is only trying to drag out the inevitable so he can use it as an excuse to keep fundraising. The thing is, it’s simply not sustainable for him. Palmer Report predicted that Trump would keep losing key allies, as they each selfishly conclude that they’ve got to move on from him to protect their own interests, and sure enough, pastor Robert Jeffress admitted today that Joe Biden has won. Inside the Trump regime, things don’t appear to be going much better.

MSNBC now says that people within Trump’s own inner circle are “embarrassed by what they are witnessing right now” from Trump, and that his ongoing desire to contest the election is “unsustainable.” Meanwhile Politico says that Trump’s own Republican allies are already preparing for President Biden, and that what we’re seeing from them right now is mere “performance art.”


In other words, this is all over but the shouting. Donald Trump isn’t going to magically overturn the election result. He knows that the best he can hope for here is a softer landing when it comes to the prison and bankruptcy he’s facing.

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