Key ally of Donald Trump now publicly admits Joe Biden has won

Earlier today Palmer Report pointed out that Donald Trump doesn’t magically gain leverage by dragging this out. Instead, the longer this goes on and the worse it looks, Trump is going to lose leverage because more of his allies are going to selfishly decide they have to move on from him in order to preserve their own credibility and interests.

Sure enough, Robert Jeffress – a key evangelical church ally of Donald Trump – has announced that it’s a “bitter pill to swallow” for him, but Joe Biden has won and is now President-elect of the United States.


This comes after Republican Senator Pat Toomey said in an interview that it was time for Donald Trump to go ahead and start the transition process to Joe Biden. Watch for more of Trump’s allies to start saying similar things as the week goes on, further eroding Trump’s already untenable position. Trump would like to drag this out as long as possible, but as some point he’ll simply have no leverage left.

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