This is getting ugly for Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson is one of the biggest insurrection supporters out there. He has made vile comment after vile comment. He is disliked by many. Johnson (not worthy of Wisconsin’s cheese, insurrection party, Wisconsin) still has yet to announce whether he will run again in 2022.

I sure hope not. I think Wisconsin is a state we can win, whether or not he does run. And Democrats are wasting no time in campaigning against the cheesehead even though his plans remain vague.

A Democratic coalition has spent quite a bit of money to put up a new ad against the disgraced Senator. In the ad, Johnson is accused of failing the American people, which of course, he has. The ad shows images of the Capitol terrorists. The ad also throws Johnson’s words back at him: “by and large, it was peaceful protest.”

The “a” is omitted because Johnson didn’t use it. The ad also goes after Johnson for failing to protect voting rights. I expect there will be many more ads. Johnson’s views do not represent the whole of Wisconsin or even the majority. He most likely knows that although he is stupid, so who knows.

I’ve no idea when Johnson will announce his plans, but it is terrific to see Democrats taking the Wisconsin Senator race seriously and starting their campaign so early. As for Johnson, hopefully, after 2022, we will never have to see his smarmy face in the Senate again.

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