Donald Trump has a one way ticket to prison

January 21, 2021 looms for traitors. In spite of all the rumblings about blanket pardons, these things aren’t going to work the way Trump thinks they will. Case in point: Michael Flynn. He’s been pardoned and yet is still calling for a coup in order to keep Trump in office. Why would that be? Because perhaps Flynn’s not gotten off as cleanly as he hoped? Seems like he’s a little afraid of what will happen without Trump in office to protect him. There’s also the matter of his son, Flynn Jr. Flynn may be aiming for a pardon for junior, and his talk of a coup is simply an act to gain points with Trump.

Trump is getting desperate. He’s in the midst of so many investigations, it’s hard to list all of them. Additionally, there’s another one launched over his obvious ploy to sell pardons. And we don’t think he’ll survive the legal pushback against a self-pardon. In short, Trump is toast and he’s beginning to realize it.

It’s a dangerous time. The good news is denial is a very strong drug and all of Trump & Co. are afflicted with it. If Ivanka thinks she’ll move on to a political career and not into an orange jumpsuit, she’s as delusional as former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell.

So let them have their denial. It keeps them occupied and allows the days to click by. New York AG James will be coming to call very soon. And whatever federal pardons Trump may dole out to his co-conspirators, will be challenged in court while he does his first bit of time in Otisville for New York state tax fraud. His children will be joining him in the state system. And here’s a little reminder to them: there is no posh Federal prison camp for state charges.

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