Trump’s campaign begins attacking Trump’s election lawyer Lin Wood as everything hits the fan

Lin Wood, a lawyer who has been representing Donald Trump in his election legal battle, told a crowd of Republicans on Wednesday that they shouldn’t even bother voting in Georgia’s Senate runoff races, because the voting machines are supposedly rigged anyway. In response, Trump’s campaign Twitter account attacked Wood and accused him of secretly being a Democrat.

So now we have Trump’s election lawyer trying to sabotage Trump’s party’s chances of keeping the Senate, and we have Trump’s campaign attacking Trump’s election lawyer. Not only are the rats turning on each other, it’s becoming clear that there’s no direction at all from the top. These Trump factions wouldn’t be openly feuding with each other if Trump himself were bothering to give any of them marching orders. He’s clearly checked out.

– Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro ripped into Donald Trump today, while managing to not even mention Trump’s name: “Yes, I’ve seen that new video from the sitting president. Yes, I’d like that time back. No, I didn’t hear any facts or evidence. What I did hear was a sad Facebook rant from a man who lost an election.”

– Tweet of the day, from Stella Parton: “As a Christian, I ask all Christians to stay home and pray. Please stop with your complaints & whining that you can’t fellowship at your church. Scripture says; ‘everything should be done decently and in order.’ 1 Corinthians 14:40. The courts should not be involved.”

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