Donald Trump’s hostage video

– Donald Trump posted a forty-six minute long video today that was as ludicrous as a Saturday Night Live sketch and as deranged as the Unabomber. At various points he looked like he was going to cry. It vaguely resembled a hostage video. He’s unraveling too severely to act in his own best interests, even from a villain standpoint. There’s no way this doesn’t end badly for him.

– I keep trying to decide if Steve Mnuchin’s decision to show up totally unprepared to a Katie Porter hearing was arrogant or just plain stupid. I’m leaning toward both. Mnuchin has gotten away with a ton of corruption these past four years, but that’s only because Trump was using the presidency to protect him. With that now fading, Mnuchin is just another overmatched cocky idiot.

– Tweet of the day, by Wayne J. Nelson: “If you haven’t noticed by now, the problem with electing a pathological narcissist President of the United States, is that he will do what he thinks best for himself, not his country ( or even his political party).”

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