One way Donald Trump ends up in prison

Grammy winning singer-songwriter Richard Marx is so spot on with his political analysis, sometimes I think he should be writing Palmer Report instead of me. Last night he laid out one scenario on Twitter which puts Donald Trump in prison: “I predict Trump will not be indicted on federal charges. I also predict he will not only be indicted by the state of New York, but ultimately imprisoned.”

I’m not convinced the DOJ won’t end ultimately up getting involved, but Richard’s scenario is certainly plausible. Trump’s attempted self pardon will delay any federal charges indefinitely while it’s fought in court, so New York will go first with state charges that can’t be pardoned. Those will be financial crimes, which are a near automatic conviction.

So Trump will likely be in state prison in New York, serving a sentence that far exceeds his expected lifespan, by the time the DOJ is legally in position to decide whether to bring federal charges. That could make the question of federal charges effectively moot. We’ll see. But Trump is going to prison one way or another.

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