President-elect Joe Biden just hit it out of the park

– President elect Joe Biden gave a national Thanksgiving address to the American people today, and he offered precisely the mix of hope, leadership, and caution that we all needed to hear right now. From a leadership standpoint, Biden is already the de facto President. Donald Trump has given up even pretending to go through the motions anymore.

– Trump’s official excuse for not attending today’s Gettysburg stunt is that someone on the team was exposed to COVID. But Trump just had COVID, and he’s keeps claiming he’s immune. Now he’s suddenly worried about catching it? It’s like he’s not even trying with his excuses anymore.

– In yet another reminder of just how tepidly indecisive Trump is, he decided to stay out of Rudy’s post-election antics for weeks, only to decide to jump in today after he realized it was too late and he’d lost, only to then change his mind and stay home, only to then decide to call in on the phone and partially participate. So much for being a strongman. Tepid Trump is scared of his own shadow.

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