No one airs Rudy Giuliani’s Gettysburg hotel stunt after Donald Trump pulls out

After Donald Trump changed his mind and canceled his trip to Gettysburg for Rudy Giuliani’s conspiracy theory fest at a Wyndham hotel, it was unclear if Rudy would still go through with the stunt. But sure enough, it’s happening.

Fortunately none of the big three cable news networks are airing the event, because Rudy’s lies don’t deserve that kind of mainstream platform. CNN does have a reporter at the event, however, and apparently the most coherent thing Rudy has said thus far is “I know crooks really well.” So that’s fitting.

At this point it’s not clear if Rudy Giuliani is doing this because he truly believes the wacky conspiracy theories he’s come up with, or if he’s simply doing all of this because he’s trying to convince Donald Trump to pardon him on his way out the door. Either way, this is just sad. Today was Rudy’s last hurrah, and it’s turning out to be arguably even more embarrassing than the last time Rudy was famously in a hotel room. We hope this is the last time we have to write about Rudy until his arrest.

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